Welcome to Hair Salon Ulysses, Cairns

Welcome to Hair Salon Ulysses – we provide professional and friendly service owned and operated by a Cairns local family. The salon is full of enthusiasm and creativity and our clients can relax Kids Areaand unwind in the hands of our Japanese credited stylist – trained and experienced in Australia, New Zealand and of course Japan. Let yourself drift away from the daily grind in a relaxing environment whilst enjoying the natural timber décor, healing music and various beverages including coffee, tea, soft Drinksdrinks and our original cocktails – all complimentary with your treatment! Our premises includes a children’s play area, unlimited free parking and has disabled facilities available for your convenience.

You know how frustrating it is to spend hours at a salon only to find Hair stylingthe hairdresser didn’t listen to you and ended up doing what they wanted not what you were trying to explain! We provide a great service to you with a personal touch. So that you get what you want we allocate more time per client and create a style for you. We want you to look and feel great with inspirational ideas we will ensure that every visit to our hair salon leaves you feeling radiant and revitalized. We trust you’ll want to come back time and time again.

We care for your hair health and are very careful not to damage your hair. We use Argan Oil of Morocco at no extra cost to reduce damage and repair your hair.

※ Argan Oil of Morocco... The Argan `Tree of Life’ is a tree found only in South Morocco. This tree bears a fruit which inside contains the Argan Nut. Argan Oil is extracted from the kernels inside this nut using a cold pressed process. It is highly sought after world-wide as a superior hair and skin treatment. Argan Oil - known as `liquid gold’ - is rich in vitamins E, C, F, and A. It is also rich in Omega 9, Essential Fatty Acids, Squalene and Antioxidants. It’s miracle oil that is non-greasy with a low molecular weight which instantly penetrates into the hair shaft and skin leaving no residue. It is known that Argan Oil contains incredible anti-ageing properties and can help to restore both the hair and skin back to perfect condition.

We also recommend Head Spa - An exclusive treatment for scalp and hair. We cleanse your scalp with j.f.lazartigue’s special cream and massage your scalp. The cream contains nutrients to keep your scalp healthy and strengthen your hair. This experience relaxes tones and eases muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, head, and scalp. It gives you tranquility and peace. For the next step, wet massage is performed with our special shampoo at the basin whilst you are seated in our comfortable massage chair. Indulge yourself with our head spa treatment.